Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pickle's Bake Shop

Large Cake Jar, Photo Courtesy of Pickle's Bake Shop

Cake in a jar.  Now there’s something I haven’t seen before.

Normally I like to eat my cake with a fork (strong preference, no logical reason) but there is something about scooping cake and frosting out of a glass jar that is just…way too fun.  I gained a lot of weight this week.

Pickle’s Bake Shop’s Cake Jars come in a variety of flavors—I tried the chocolate with vanilla buttercream and vanilla with chocolate buttercream. The vanilla buttercream was super sweet while the chocolate buttercream was a little light on chocolate flavor, but the cake was AMAZING.  It was moist and the perfect soft-yet-firm texture for scooping out with a spoon.  I froze the cake jars upon arrival, and when I brought them back to room temperature, they were still perfect.

Next time, I definitely want to try the chocolate with marshmallow buttercream (I kept imagining that one when I was eating my chocolate cake with vanilla) and either the red velvet or coconut cake…something with a cream cheese frosting that might have a bit more tang.

My order included one of the mini gift packs, which contained a mini cake jar (the vanilla one), 3 cake balls, and 3 cookies.  I chose chocolate chip cookies, but they were just chocolate chip cookies, and they couldn’t compete with the other novelties.  The cake balls and mini cake jar had to be the same flavor, and I could tell that the cake balls were made from the same moist yellow layer cake as the cake jar.  

The chocolate cake jars were the “larger” size, and let me warn you, they are big and filling.  I tend to eat a lot of cake, and I thought the mini cake jar might not be enough for me, but I was wrong.  It took me about 2 days to get through a mini and 3-4 days to get through a large, and I wasn’t exactly nibbling.  The larger cake jars are $15 for a set of two, and the smaller ones are $7.50 for a set of two.

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