Monday, October 31, 2011

Lunch at Del Posto

You may have heard that the $29 lunch menu at Del Posto is one of the best deals in the city.  If you haven't heard, let me repeat that:  GO TO DEL POSTO FOR LUNCH.

Did you know that Del Posto was Sam Sifton's first four star review, and that it is the first Italian restaurant in New York to receive four stars since 1974?

Did you know that if you go, you will receive the royal treatment, and all of the benefits of paying over $100 for dinner?

When we sat down, we were greeted with a tray of treats:  a mini-lobster sandwich (think lobster roll meets tea time), tomato soup, and prosciutto wrapped around a tart slaw.  Although I usually skip the
bread and butter, I couldn't get enough of Del Posto's warm bread with lardo.

We started with lobster salad (which has a $10 upcharge, so okay, we cheated a little on the price.)  The salad consisted mostly of lobster in a cold tomato sauce with chunks of celery.

Next was pasta.  Although I've heard the critics rave about my dish, a spinach garganelli with ragu bolognese, it didn't excite me too much.  I kept poaching bits of my mom's orecchiette with lamb sausage and morels instead.

My dessert was a miniature layered chocolate cake (they cut out a quarter slice for me so that I could see the inside right away.  So cute!) with ricotta cream filling, enrobed in chocolate and pistachios.  It even came with a scoop of Batali's famous olive oil gelato, which was a great replacement for the usual vanilla accompaniment.
My mom loved her tartufo, chocolate ice cream covered in cocoa powder, which was almost as rich as the truffles it resembled.

More freebies!  The miniature ice cream bar replicates Klondike with more of that olive oil gelato (for those who didn't have it with dessert.)  Officially known as "bastoncino," this freebie was listed
as one of Time Out NY's Top 100 Dishes of 2010.  And it's only one bite.

There were also mini lemon-filled donuts, in case you weren't smiling yet.

I want to go back for lunch and try more of the fantastic menu.  Before Del Posto realizes that this is too good to be true.

Del Posto
85 10th Ave.

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